My work is about change. I want my pictures to contribute and be a part of the solution. When I began photographing in Romania 9 years ago I wanted to help organisations which did not have the resources to hire photographers to raise awareness. It was important that I was in it for the long haul, to not only photograph the need but also the progress and show what can be achieved.

Working with Love Light Romania over the years I feel that combining imagery and film with their dedication and commitment has enabled us to have made positive changes to many peoples lives.

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In the decade or so of my association with the inspiring and necessary Love Light project, aiding the vulnerable and disenfranchised children of Romania, it has become glaringly apparent that all of the individuals giving their time, their energy and a significant part of their lives to this endeavour are absolutely central to the charity’s existence, but none more so than their wonderfully accomplished photographer Richard Feaver. Without Richard’s tireless and exemplary work in visually documenting Love Light’s activities and capturing the multitude of children to whom the charity has given some measure of a happy and fulfilled life, it is doubtful that the project could have been a fraction as effective as it undoubtedly has been.

Richard’s work is consummately professional, with a tender and compassionate eye that never descends into mawkish sentiment. Had he gone into some other area of photography, flattering those who are already over-privileged, I am certain that he would have been a substantially wealthy and famous man by now. While this is something that Richard richly deserves, I can’t help but be grateful on behalf of Love Light and the children that it serves that this is not the case. Richard Feaver is one of those rare photographers where the heart is as keen as the eye, and I for one am honoured to have been even distantly associated with him and his work.

Alan Moore, Writer.


I support Richard Feaver totally in his wonderful work in Romania. He has made a difference to the lives of the poor Roma families in that country who are so cruelly discriminated against.

To see the happiness his work brings to the children is heart-warming. He deserves all the support we can give.

Miriam Margolyes OBE , Actress.

Richards photographs show the real story of Romania — a country full of contradictions. Conditions can be harsh and difficult for ordinary people yet they are often warm and welcoming. However, for children — especially the disabled children that are the focus of F.R.O.D.O. — Foundation for the Relief of Disabled Orphans work — life can be unimaginably cruel. Abandoned and disabled — they are doubly disadvantaged. Richards images help us tell others about the needs of these children. They also tell of the difference that charities like us make to their lives — bringing hope and happiness. For F.R.O.D.O., Richard is a valuable resource and a wonderful talent.

Vanessa Cummings, Chief Executive, F.R.O.D.O.

Photography/film give a true impression of the projects at Love Light Romania. This can influence sponsors when making a decision about giving a donation. They see first hand the need and also can be shown the difference their support has made. When promoting the work that takes place, photography and film are able to show a situation, that probably a sponsor would not be in a position to be opened up to. Showing sponsors the ongoing progress of a particular individual or area of support they are funding, helps them to stay focused and interested and therefore the sponsorship continues.

Love Light Romania has witnessed first hand where photography/film has made a consequential difference to the lives of children. One example is six brothers and sisters who had not been registered at birth and suffered daily neglect from their parents. With a commitment to persist in highlighting their plight, bringing it to the attention of the appropriate authorities, they eventually after eighteen months, were given a new life in care.

At Jacodu Children′s Project, photography/film has emphasised the terribly poverty and lack of hope the children were living, therefore drawn attention to what could be done to give them a better life. Consequently the project, four years since it′s launch, has grown to far exceed the expectations and has empowered a Roma community, giving the children a better life and a brighter, more productive future.

Projects at Love Light Romania would come to a stand still if the association did not have the services of photography and film to rely on. In the area of HIV there is always the need for expansion as new service users seek support. With the lack of decent health care, as an HIV care provider, at Love Light Romania there is always the need of extra funding. It is important to keep raising awareness of the need at Jacodu Children′s Project. There is a long term vision, that basically goes into the next generation, highlighting the progress and the expansion that the project needs, is vital to reach the aims of breaking cycles of poverty.

Jo Jowett, Co-Founder Love Light Romania.