Breaking the Cycle

The Jacodu Children’s Project is proof of what children born into poverty can achieve if given opportunities and hope.

Created by Love Light Romania in 2009, the project has now grown to the levels where it is achieving its goals of breaking the cycle of poverty in poor Roma communities.

Before the project began the children lived a miserable existence alienated and discriminated by society around them. Their lives held little purpose or knowledge as to the world beyond their small community.

With a strong belief that education is the key to breaking these cycles of poverty Love Light Romania focussed all their attention on supporting the children to attend school. An education program was created to assist those children who had struggled due to their lack of attendance in previous years.

Over the next seven years more services and support were provided to where the Jacodu Children’s Project has become an invaluable resource to all the children involved. A new learning centre was built and opened in 2015 which has allowed the project to expand even further. Further agricultural projects are also helping to make the project self-sustainable.

Having photographed the children from before the project began I have witnessed their incredible journey over the past seven years. With Love Light Romania’s long term vision they have embraced a different way of life and could never return to the struggle they had to endure before.

Throughout the project photography and film contributed to not only raising awareness of the potential which exists within poor Roma children but also allowed sponsors to see to see what can be achieved with their help. If you would like more information about the Jacodu Children’s Project please contact Jo Jowett.

This story is a work in progress. Due to the volume of pictures and film I will be updating it shortly with more content.